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We are fast-paced, customer-centric and culturally attuned. Australia's leading agile insights consultancy using customer communities, human-centred design, behavioural science and cross-cultural insights to ensure our clients keep pace with an evolving Australia.

What sets us apart
Dynamic and Forward-Thinking

Agile approaches and smart use of technology means we deliver insights quickly, when and how you need them to deliver to business needs.

A multi-disciplined team
Unpacking Complexity

Qualitative research to explore.
Behavioural science to understand..
Human-centred design to unpack the experience..

Our Team

Our people are driven by curiosity to improve the human experience, from consumer insight and customer intelligence to social marketing and communications and public sector research.

Alison Dexter

Ali’s passion ignited as an end user then practitioner of market research after a start in management and marketing consultancy. 20+ years working locally and globally (Asia, US, UK) across private and public spheres, has enabled Ali’s curiosity for the human condition to traverse many paths. Connecting the dots between the big and little picture, utilizing all disciplines that underpin market research, and being at the forefront of progressive methods and tech enablement drive Ali’s passion forward. A strong team and client centric culture are Ali’s leadership focus.

Peter Harris
Growth Advisor

Peter is one of Australasia’s leading consumer and insights community experts with 25 years of experience in marketing, research and strategy planning across multiple sectors throughout Asia Pacific. Peter has championed the future of research and technology across his leadership roles at prominent Australian and global trade organisations, including The Research Society (TRS), Asia Pacific Research Committee (APRC) and Global Research Business Network (GRBN).

Dianne Gardiner

Dianne is a passionate researcher and business woman who nurtures a talented team to strive for answers - no matter what the brief. A detective at heart, Dianne pieces clues together to uncover who, what and why, before shining a light on the path forward. Whether it is through listening, observing or questioning, Dianne's curiosity and desire to improve the status quo drives everything she does. With over 20 years’ experience researching all manner of brands, products, and communications, Dianne continues to help shape the world of research.

Monica Greenwood
General Manager

Some will say its Monica’s hobby as a theatre actress that allows her to appreciate the different characters that make up the world of market research. Others say it’s her 20 years of experience. Either way, Monica is passionate about understanding what clients need and ensuring it is delivered. It’s this focus that has earned her the reputation for on-point delivery of consumer-centric insights, each and every time.

Isabel Zhang
Head of Cross-Cultural Insights

Isabel Zhang is an experienced cultural & commercial research specialist, business strategist and cultural consultant, her dynamic business experience consists of different markets, social and cultural segments across the APAC region. Acting as the 'bridge', Isabel provides powerful insights into the dynamics of multicultural Australia and connecting Culturally And Linguistically Diverse communities. She enabled many businesses and government organisations to deal with complex multicultural business & social environments effectively by acts as a compass, guiding and empowering the decision-makers with an in-depth understanding of cultural nuances, facilitating strategic planning, and policymaking. Isabel Zhang also acts as a Goodwill Ambassador for the Museum of Chinese Australian History.

Tabitha Lucas
Insights Director

Tab is passionate about what makes people tick. Together with an obsession with design and data visualisation, she has spent 20+ years delving deep into human behaviour, uncovering patterns and the ‘big picture’ in data, and making sure the way insights are communicated gets clients’ excited. Tab is a ‘specialist generalist’, who leads the quantitative team and loves all things numbers, while also being an experienced and enthusiastic qualitative practitioner.

Nicole Lobosco
Insights Director

Nicole is an enthusiastic, dynamic, highly organised and hard-working researcher with over 13 years’ experience in the market research industry. She is a strong team contributor with broad thinking capabilities, holding reliability and flexibility at her core. She is passionate about new techniques and ways of understanding human behaviour to unlock strategy and growth. Nicole also has a passion for creating efficiencies and assisting the team with ensuring best practice in everything that we do. This ties in perfectly with her dual role focusing on both research and operations within the Latitude business.

Kristy Richards
Insights Director

Kristy is an internationally experienced cultural and brand strategist with extensive experience across multiple countries and industries. She believes great brands are built when at their heart they tap into a true understanding of people.

Tyson Powerlett
Senior Research Manager

Tyson is a gourmet foodie, world traveller & self-proclaimed Bublé enthusiast. He has a creative approach to getting to the heart of research problems underpinned by client & agency side experience. His endless passion for qualitative research, paired with a love for storytelling with numbers, fuels his ability to think creatively & strategically for clients.

Sandra Kowalski
Senior Research Manager

Sandra has over 8 years experience in Marketing and Research. She is passionate about creating actionable insights for clients and agencies.

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