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Access research reports to understand how Australians are coping in the current climate

Bastion Insights’ Adapting to the New Normal provides organisations with rapid insights about how people are adapting during the COVID-19 crisis. Providing regular reports to ensure you are as up to date as possible.
Each report gives an update on seven key topics:
  1. Impact and community sentiment
  2. Economic and financial concern
  3. Media consumption 
  4. Health and wellbeing 
  5. Working remotely  
  6. Family, social connection and distancing
  7. Post COVID plans – travel, life decisions, etc

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Australian research study COVID-19

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Bastion Insights market research COVID report
  • While the rest of Australia settles into the ‘new normal’, six weeks since lockdown Victorians prove to be a resilient lot. Despite Melbourne remaining in Stage 4 lockdown and overall economic concern increasing, at an individual level financial concern, savings, and perceived job security do not show significant causes for concern.
  • Will Victoria bounce back quickly once the restrictions are lifted? The data would suggest this may well be the case but only time will tell. Until then Melburnians can only live in envy of other states and are eagerly awaiting when they too are able to shop in a Bunnings store.
COVID Australian research study by Bastion Insights
  • In this special report, we examine people’s increased intentions to make changes to their lives since COVID.
  • We asked Australians what decisions they were thinking about now (since COVID), what changes they have already made and what they were considering before COVID. These life changing decisions relate to where we live, what we do, and our family relationships.

  • Concern for the health of our community has increased significantly across the nation as we try to contain the second wave in Victoria while economic concerns also increase.
  • We also see a decline in confidence in Australians in the future. Our mental health is paying the biggest price at this time, with sharp increases in psychological distress evident particularly for Victorians.
  • Following a return to stage 3 restrictions in greater Melbourne, and a continuing climb in the number of cases, we see Victorians’ level of concern heightened across the board.
  • The crisis is again a health crisis. Personal and family concern, and concern for the health of the community return to levels similar to peaks seen at the beginning of the crisis.
  • Personal and health concerns have increased significantly this wave while economic concerns remain high but stable.
  • We see the start of a decline in confidence in Australians, as the nation is divided by invisible lines of restrictions lifted while others have their freedom severely constrained again.
  • Economic concern remains high but stable. This Wave we saw a significant improvement in the level of confidence in Australians, as the mood of the nation improves.
  • More and more Australians are reengaging in activities as restrictions lift. Holiday planning is starting to enter people’s minds, as they start to consider when and where they may holiday.
  • Comfort levels in engaging in activities outside the home is varied but there are many things Australians are ready to re-embrace as soon as permitted.
  • The gap in Australian society will widen as result of COVID-19, with the vulnerable and more disadvantaged in society impacted more.
  • Australians are starting to embrace their new freedom with caution.
  • The financial stresses are being borne more by a segment of Australians who are also at risk of negative health outcomes due to unhealthy coping behaviours.

Bastion Insights’ Adapting to the New Normal study commenced on  27 March 2020 as COVID-19 saw Australia go into lock down.

Measuring Australians sentiment each week via a 10-minute online survey. 

Total sample per week n=1000, Nationally representative of Australian population.

Survey results have been supplemented by qualitative online focus groups throughout the lock down period. 

If you would like to include specific research questions in future surveys, please email hello@bastioninsights.com.

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