Introducing Bastion Insights

Introducing Bastion Insights

A letter from our CEO, Dianne Gardiner;

Just over 3 and ½ years ago Latitude embarked on a new phase, as we became part of Bastion Collective group. I am now excited to announce that Bastion Latitude has renamed to Bastion Insights.

We’re still the same fast-paced, customer-centric and culturally attuned Insights consultancy, just with a new name that better represents what we do. Bastion Insights uses customer communities, human-centred design, behavioural science, and cross-cultural insights to ensure our clients keep pace with an ever-evolving Australia.

Over 10 years ago I started this journey with Latitude Insights, and I’m incredibly grateful to our clients who have been a part of our evolution from a small market research agency to one of nine businesses within the Bastion Collective; working conjunctively across the full marketing and communications spectrum.


We are part of Bastion

Bastion is a truly integrated, full-service marketing and communications agency founded in 2009. We are Australia’s largest independent agency, with an ambition to achieve the same feat in the USA.

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