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We help our clients to discover truths about their target audiences, and then to uncover ways of applying those insights in the context of what they need to achieve next.

Insight Communities

Making customer centricity part of everyday. Through agile, research sprints we deliver real time feedback in bite-size chunks suited to the speed of business today.

Insight communities help organisations stay attuned to their customer needs by faciltating fast, agile research cost effectively across organisation silos. Designed, managed and facilitated for ongoing insight generation, these communities are perfect for larger organsiations wishing to undertake multiple research projects over the year in a cost effective manner.

A pop-up insight community can be used to develop iterative insights from a broad cross section of your target audeince in a matter of days or weeks, either as s stand alone reserach project or as a complement with other research methdologies.

Experience Design

Improving experiences for everyone through human centred design (HCD) principles. We can examine the experience from any perspective – customers, users, community, stakeholders or staff. Experience design covers customer experience (CX), user experience (UX) and service design (SD)

– Customer Experience (CX): Unpacking how your customer experiences across all touch points of your business including what they are offered and how they are treated
– User Experience (UX): Understanding your users’ experience with navigation, usability and interface design. Whether it be a product or service; digital landscape or in person.
– Service Design (SD) : Unpacking interactions across all your channels, not only from a customer’s perspective but also from an organisational one.

Communication Research

Nurturing the power of creative hearts through science brains, we use research to help design better communications through all stages of comms planning.

– Exploratory & Developmental: Identifying engagement or change levers, sizing or prioritising the opportunity; outputs aimed at inspiring clients teams, planners and creatives.
– Concept Testing & Creative Optimisation: Directional advice to support concept selection, clarify strategy, and heighten executional impact.
– Performance Measurement: Diagnostic tools and the keys to improve on next measurement waves.

Cross-Cultural Insights

Australia’s population of about 25.4 million is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse populations in the world. 53% of the Australian population are newer migrants, our landscape is quickly changing and there has been strong growth among Asian migrants in recent years, surpassing European migrants. Many migrants came under the skilled migration stream (68% in 2018), they represent the new middle class and have strong purchasing power.

Our diverse multicultural communities take up a large proportion of the Australian population, they are not a minority. Only a handful of local brands attempt to address the Australian multicultural population and its population landscape shifts.

The Bastion Insights Cross-Cultural Insights team includes expertise focusing on cultural research, segmentation, communications, behaviour change and experience design, as well as a specialist focus on Culturally And Linguistically Diverse communities residing in Australia. We have strong experience in the social, retail and shopper space and significant understanding of consumers, having conducted research in Australia and internationally across Asia-Pacific, U.S. and Europe to understand cultural nuances and its impacts, social behaviours, purchase expectations, drivers and barriers, decision priorities of different categories and the impact of communication and marketing strategy planning.
We will be the bridge, helping you and your business to connect through our differences.

We bring the world to you.

Behavioural Insights

Our research goes deeper to explore the context, and to understand the biases, heuristics, and norms that impact on people’s decision making. Bridging the gap between research and applications to help our clients design communications, interventions, and nudges that inspire real, lasting change.

Our approach to exploratory behavioural insights is all about asking the right questions, in the right way.
– Using projective techniques and exploring instinctive associations
– Ethnography to explore the environment and context

Our approach to experimental behavioural insights is about direct measurement, essentially not asking questions at all.
– Using A/B testing and randomised control tests to directly measure impact and behavioural change
– Emotion coding, eye tracking & biometric feedback to understand subconscious response



The Bastion Insights Idea Exchange community has become a
key element in Medibank’s insights strategy. As an insights-led,
customer first Marketing function, it is vital that we have access to
high quality, relevant customer insights in a timely manner. The
Bastion Insights team consistently deliver on these requirements
and have become a trusted partner across multiple Divisions.


The team at Bastion Insights offer consistently excellent research support across a gamut of activities, including comms testing, sentiment analysis, UX and product design. They’re succinct, timely and really understand our business objectives.

Australia Post

Before the research took place, we didn’t have a thorough understanding of how our brand was perceived by Chinese, but we have learned so much about Chinese and their culture, this (research) has been an invaluable investment!


Bastion Insights are an excellent research house, with an exceptional understanding of the commercial context. They are particularly good at the visual presentation of data which we can use at all levels through the organisation. They’ve been very responsive in both qual and quant studies and they deliver insights rapidly, so we can drive decision-making at the pace we need. I’d have no hesitation in recommending them to any business that wants to discover their customers’ unspoken motivations.

Discovery Parks

The Bastion Insights team have worked with us now for more than three years on Shopper Experience as well as ad-hoc communications development and testing. Our business has benefited greatly from the partnership with Dianne and her team. More importantly, our customers are heard within our organisation. We elect to work with people who are responsive and clear-thinking. Their research must also be excellent. We look forward to continued success together.


I really enjoy working with Bastion Insights. They’re always on point for great research and are very commercially astute with their recommendations. They have helped us connect with our consumers in a way that enables our business to be truly consumer centric and uncover learnings we simply could not have found without them.

L'Oreal Australia

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