The Power of Print

Print media is an often forgotten advertising channel today and studies show, a stronger marketing performer than you may think.

The Power of Print

New research shows that catalogue readership has increased in the last five years and together with direct mail can hold the attention of the reader for longer than any television advertisement could ever dream of.

Latitude’s CEO, Dianne Gardiner presented her opinion on the power of print at the first Real Media Collective customer insights session in Sydney. Our study, conducted on behalf of Australia Post in 2018, showed the effectiveness of direct mail. Di reminded attendees of today’s often forgotten channel and how mail is a stronger performer than you may think.

“Mail is often the forgotten channel. It’s not sexy, it’s not new, it doesn’t attract the attention of other channels but what we tend to forget about mail is the level of engagement it does get, it’s personalised, it’s physical and it gets our attention”

Letterboxes are more regularly checked then email inboxes, with 95 percent of addressed mail opened.  There is also greater opportunity to stand out in the letterbox with one in 10 Australians receive more than 10 promotional emails each week.

“The study found 54 per cent of respondents said they opened their personalised mail straight away and read it thoroughly and kept it for later reference. The same sort of statistic was also for unaddressed mail.”

“Most mail is actually read fairly immediately, particularly if it’s personally addressed mail with 54 per cent saying they read it immediately on collection.”

“If it is personalised mail in particular it is more likely to be read as soon as possible where catalogues are more likely to be read later in the week when there is more time.”

How can your business capitalise on the power of print? 

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