An Insights Partnership With L’Oreal Australia



L’Oréal Australia was seeking a way to create an ongoing, holistic connection with all their consumers, that was strategically responsive as needed. L’Oreal needed a customised but consistent approach that could provide fast insights (often within days) bringing together all parts of L’Oréal’s business covering different consumers, across categories, brands and channels from boutique to department stores to pharmacy, supermarket, and online shoppers.




Bastion Insights has partnered with L’Oréal Australia over the past 3 years to drive their consumer centricity strategy via “The Beauty Collective” – an online community of over 2,500 Australian beauty consumers that enables L’Oréal’s different business units to see their consumers beyond the products they sell. The Beauty Collective gives L’Oréal a pool of consumers to tap into at a moment’s notice, using wide-ranging methodologies including surveys, qualitative discussions, in-home product trials, video diaries, and self-ethnography shopping missions. The Beauty CollectiVe members don’t just respond to surveys or discussions, they also talk to us about their lives, and how the beauty, hair care, and other things fit into their lives. We have created a microcosm of L’Oréal consumers that give us permission to ‘see’ into their lives.

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