Shaking Up A Pancake Brand’s Marketing Strategy

Despite being first to market with the innovative pancake shaker bottle, our client has experienced a significant increase in competition in recent years – particularly from private label. As the current market is heavily price-driven, our client is seeking a point of differentiation in order to reinstate growth within the product category once again.

Everyone loves pancake shakers for how easy and convenient they are to use (and the quick clean up afterward) but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. We wanted to uncover any functional pain points, big or small, that could be addressed through product innovation. In order to redefine their marketing strategy, we also evaluated brand perception and key areas of differentiation.

The Qualie platform was used to give our client personal accounts from customers. Using the Compelling Consensus™ approach we captured the richness of qual using emotive videos from real pancake shaker users. The next step involved participants reviewing and rating each other’s videos. This added the robustness of quant and provided the client with a consensus opinion.

Feedback from consumers along with data to back it up provided a solid business case for an innovative solution that will address newly uncovered and unmet needs.

The Compelling Consensus™ method

Traditional qualitative research is rich with insight and quantitative research has the rigor of numbers, so why not combine the two? ComCon adds a layer of statistical significance by combining thoughtful video-based insights with a layer of quantitative data, so clients hear only highly considered opinions from the right customers.

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