Keeping the customer at the heart of the business



Camping and caravanning have been part of many Australians lives, but the demographics of buyers is changing.  A well-known caravanning and camping brand commissioned Bastion Insights to bring their current customer segments to life through understanding the customer journey, attitudes, behaviours and key purchasing decisions in the caravanning and camping space.




We developed a customer focussed research approach aimed at understanding customer profiles, motivations, and triggers to owning a caravan/camper.  From this, we developed a set of customer personas that the marketing and sales team could use to develop communications and products. The research has played a fundamental role in the strategic direction for targeting communications and product development for the respective personas, including matching existing product portfolio with the appropriate persona types.

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Bastion is a truly integrated, full-service marketing and communications agency founded in 2009. We are Australia’s largest independent agency, with an ambition to achieve the same feat in the USA.

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