Driving Positive Perceptions With Brand Awareness



The Special Olympics, a global movement that has been transforming the lives of people with an intellectual disability for almost 50 years, relies on the support, donations, and participation from the wider Australian community in order to successfully help adults with an intellectual disability reach their personal best through sport. The pinnacle event being the Special Olympics games held every 2 years which aims to promote positive social change for people with intellectual disabilities and create a more inclusive society. In order to tailor their communications and reach a wider audience, Special Olympics needed to understand the public’s awareness and perceptions of the Special Olympics.




Bastion Insights conducted a nationally representative quantitative study to determine not only if Australians had heard of the Special Olympics but if they understood the purpose of the games. The research also set to understand the public’s perceptions of people living with a disability, and if there was a desire to understand lived experiences better.

The outcomes of the research helped Special Olympics quantify their marketing challenges and make a case for improved communications. The recommendations from this study shaped Special Olympics marketing strategy, to increase awareness and drive positive perceptions and tailor a marketing strategy that appealed benefactors and volunteers alike.

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