Developing a creative and engaging change program for a leading university



In late 2016, Bastion Reputation Management and Bastion Insights were engaged by a leading Australian university about to launch its long-term strategic vision and comprehensive change program. At the same time, the university was also about to negotiate two separate enterprise agreements with employees. The university wanted to clearly communicate its vision and what it would mean for employees in a meaningful and engaging way that would support the large-scale change and transformation program as well as positive and constructive conversations in enterprise bargaining.




Bastion Reputation Management developed a strategic employee engagement strategy to launch a new vision.

In partnership with Bastion Insights, an online platform was launched that offered engaging content and opportunities for staff contribution while also measuring employee engagement and providing other valuable insights.

A content plan was also developed which centred around communicating the university’s vision and making the case for why this change was necessary. The online platform then brought to life all content and engagement activities (including forums, surveys, polls, questionnaires, ideation) related to the university’s vision and strategy. The digital platform created a compelling, interactive and engaging space for employees and conveyed a coordinated and consistent narrative for the vision and also supported research objectives by gathering insights and measuring staff engagement throughout the change program.

Through regular communications and engagement, the university was able to build trust and acceptance that the changes underway were positive and beneficial for employees and the university. This important work was the first implementation of its kind at the university and has set a new benchmark for employee engagement – with more than 75 percent of staff engaging with the platform and sharing their insights.

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