How Compelling Consensus delivers truly integrated insights

How Compelling Consensus delivers truly integrated insights

Bastion Insights has joined as a foundation partner for, as it launches the world’s first market research platform, delivering objective qualitative research.

A powerful new tool, Qualie was developed because traditional qualitative research, though rich with insight, is based on small samples and is by its nature subjective. And while quantitative research has the rigour of numbers, it tells you little about what was really going on in people’s heads and hearts. Qualie brings the two together – the numbers and the why behind them – in one platform, delivering the output to clients that can be called Compelling ConsensusTM

Dianne Gardiner, CEO of Bastion Insights: “I love what Qualie enables us to do for our clients.  For years we have been working on hybrid approaches that blend of qual and quant to get a fuller picture for clients, quicker and easier. Qualie is one of the best solutions I have seen as it is developed from true qualitative foundations and those are embedded in the whole process ”.

Compelling ConsensusTM approach is great for clients who want to get feedback on ideas or qualitative findings with greater robustness.  Delivered using a unique qualitative survey approach that captures responses via video and survey questions and treats people as people, not as respondents,  and really puts the human back into the survey.  

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